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Tom Monaghan, CPCU, CIC, AINS, CISR


Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan, CPCU, CIC, AINS, CISR

I came to Montana in early 2001, and have never looked back. Having an extensive business background in the Detroit area, I know good customer service. I spent my formative years outside Detroit, and opened my first business at the age of 18. I worked my way through college, and later partnered in a manufacturing business, making automotive parts for the Big Three.

In early 2001, I knew I needed a change, so I packed the family up, and headed west. I landed in Seeley Lake to find a different, more relaxed way of life. I moved my wife and three beautiful daughters in, and entered the insurance profession.

I spent five years with a captive insurance carrier, only having one company’s policies to offer. After an impressive run, the company offered me a management position training other insurance agents. I took the job, sold the agency, and began training. This was the best of times, and this was the worst of times.

It was the best of times because it gave me a unique insight into how rate is determined, how companies perform in loss situations, and just who can become an insurance agent. It was the worst of times because I learned first-hand just how many agents out there do not really know why we do what we do. After a long 17 months, we parted ways.

I centered on having choice in product, company, and pricing. As a client of insurance myself, I have the ultimate choice in not only who I pay, but what coverage I accept. Knowing the benefit of choice, I opened Summit Insurance Agency, Inc., with the sole intention of giving my clients the best choices of the companies, products, and benefits available on the market.

I am a lucky man. I have a successful business that centers on the premise of family. At Summit, we believe so deeply in family values, if we won’t do something for our own family, then we won’t do it for yours. I’m also a lucky man because I am able to balance the hectic world of agency ownership with my family. I have a wonderful and understanding wife, and my three girls think I’m an insurance hero. I am truly blessed.

I do enjoy the occasional round of golf. If you have a decent handicap, let’s make a wager. If you have a high handicap, don’t worry – I’ll let you have a hole or two. I also am an avid hockey player on multiple leagues at Glacier Ice Rink in Missoula. I support our local communities in which we live and work. I offer time as a Lions Club member, Junior Golf coach, and organize the local Seeley Lake Pond Hockey Tournament. For me, this business has given me the ability to give back to others, and I thank each client for allowing me to serve them.

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