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Tom Monaghan, CPCU, CIC, AINS, CISR


Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan, CPCU, CIC, AINS, CISR

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to get a gentle nudge to remember to do the easier things. The things that sit on the bottom of the pile with the hopes that one day you’ll get to check them off the list. The things like updating your bio on your website.

Well, today is my lucky day. My youngest daughter sent me a text this morning (12.21.2023) at 03:57 telling me to update my bio on the webpage. I haven’t played hockey in years or been a Lions Club member in years, so if you read the last bio, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Why at 03:57? Well, my youngest is active-duty USMC and is currently half way around the world so it was afternoon for her!

The reality of what I do daily, and why I do it, is simple. Do the right thing. Do it for the right reasons. Be the honest guy, full of integrity, that’s deeply rooted in understanding that right is right and wrong is wrong. Be the guy you want to see in the mirror.

As far as the agency, that’s how we all work at Summit. If it’s right, we’ll do it. If not, thank you for the opportunity and we can refer you out. It’s pretty straight forward. I’ve spent over 20 years in this industry. I’ve started multiple agencies from scratch. I’ve worked directly for a huge insurance company. I’ve hired agents, trained agents, and fired agents. I even spent time teaching insurance at a nationally accredited firm. I have alphabet soup after my last name because I believe that knowledge is the key to efficiency and imperative to doing this job correctly.

Now, I’m lucky enough to spend days with an absolutely amazing staff that are family to me. I’m lucky enough to have clients come in and discuss family, friends and even insurance. I’m lucky enough to realize that it takes a village sometimes, and humble enough to know when I need my fellow villagers.

I believe in grabbing the person behind me and bringing them forward. I believe in doing everything I can to enrich the lives of those I’m lucky enough to be around – family, staff, friends, clients, friends, staff, family. If you can’t quite tell, they’re all pretty much the same to me.

I’m a lucky man with one heck of a daughter who is kind enough to remind me to take the time to do the easier things sometimes. Checking this off the list just seems easy at this point. Thanks kiddo – stay safe.

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