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Summit Insurance Agency

All About Us

About Us

Summit Insurance Agency, Inc. was organized for one reason – taking care of the client like an extended member of the family.

Having been in the insurance field for years, both in management and agencies, founders Tom & Becky Monaghan knew that true insurance professionals build solid relationships with their clients.  Having the ability to learn about each person and their family, and what is truly important to them, is what drove Tom & Becky to start the agency. 

The decision was made on a drive back from Portland, OR.  The team had just met with a captive carrier offering Tom a position.  The conversation went something like this:

“It’s a great opportunity but I would still have to say ‘no’ to some clients.  The only way around that is to build a network of carriers that would allow me to have options for every client, not just a narrow demographic”. Becky responded with a quick “then let’s build an independent agency and never have to say no again”.  And there it was – Summit was born.

Both Tom & Becky know that family holds each of us to a higher standard than most.  Tom believes that, in order to use an insurance company for a client, he would have to be willing to use that same insurance company for his direct family.  This is actually how Summit Insurance Agency, Inc. chose the insurance companies to represent.  Over the years many companies have approached Tom to represent them.  If they pass the family test then the duo agree to represent.

We have two convenient offices for client convenience.  Our main office is located on Orange Street in Missoula while our satellite office is located in Seeley Lake.

We are licensed in numerous states as well.  Don’t worry, if you have a cabin in another state or your business operates in multiple states, Summit Insurance Agency, Inc. is qualified and capable of taking care of all of your insurance needs.

We did this for the same reason we do everything at Summit – for the benefit of our clients.  We know that having choices is a better value to our clients.  We understand that ease of use and convenience are imperative when addressing your insurance needs.  We are proud to be given the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to every relationship we grow.