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Becky Monaghan, CIC, CLCS, CISR


Becky Monaghan

Becky Monaghan, CIC, CLCS, CISR

I came to Montana in early 2001 – with Tom! Yes it’s true – you can marry your college sweetheart.

What Tom won’t tell you is that I entered the insurance industry before him. I began working for a captive district manager in 2001 as an office manager. This was an interesting ‘back window’ view into the insurance industry. Some would call it an excellent perspective.

Over the years there, I was able to learn about the administrative side of the business. My dealings were primarily with the company directly and different agents. I did not have many direct dealings with clients during this time.

That said, when Tom and I decided to open Summit Insurance Agency, Inc., I knew I wanted to deal with people. Over the years I have been in and out of the office. It’s true, it’s tough working with your spouse – but it’s worth it.

We are able to truly help a lot of people with their insurance. We are able to spend time with our wonderful girls. And, we are lucky enough to operate a good business in a great town.

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